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Tryouts February 23, 2002

John J. Young Middle School

The best of the best came out Saturday, Feb. 23, to "strut their stuff". What a day and what talent! Candidates from Indiana and Michigan came out to see if they have what it takes to be a member of the South Bend Stampede. Several men tested their ability on the 40 yard dash, vertical jump, left/right shuttle, and bench press. The South Bend Stampede Staff were very impressed and realize they have a tough job ahead, determining who makes the team. Results of the tryout will be posted within the next two weeks. And what a team it will be! Paul and Teena want to thank everyone who came out to assist with tryouts especially: John Sorg, Bryant Morris, Harold Frazier and Melissa Lapehn for their support and trying to stay warm on a "chilly day". The 2nd tryout will take place, March 23, 1-4, same location.

If you participated in the Feb. 23 tryouts, you can see if you made the team by checking the selection list.

Director of Player Personnel John Sorg oversees the remarkable talent at the bench press.

The bench press continues.

Candidates preparing for the 40 yard dash.

Returning to the line after the dash.

The candidates prepare for the left/right shuttle, a test of agility.

Director of Player Recruitment Bryant Morris keeping time for left/right shuttle

The display of athletecism continues with a vertical jump.

This candidate shows off his jumping ability.

South Bend Stampede Owners Teena Sexton-Herr & Paul DiGiacomo.

Many candidates came to the tryouts to prove they have the right stuff.

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