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Congratulations! The following list represents those candidates selected to join the South Bend Stampede Semi-Pro Football Team. On behalf of the South Bend Stampede Staff, we want to thank you for your participation as well as your determination which has obviously paid off. We want to welcome the following "on board":

Chad Arnett
Sam Beachy
Mike Beall
Vernell Beckum
Curtis Bell
Matt Brock
Kevin B. Burns
Will Caldwell
Matt Campbell
Craig Coffman
Damien Coleman, Sr.
Jason Cripe
Tadd Crowel
Bubba Culp
Travis Daniels
Kenneth Day
Greg DeRue
Donald Dinger
Thomas Euriga
Arthur T. Flores
Harold Frazier
Dan Glogouski
Chris Granger
Christopher C. Hall
Sean Hall
Germaine D. Harris
Tim Hawkins
Brian Hendrich
Philip R. Hercik III
Darcy Hobson
Jason Howard
Tah-Shai Jenkins
Alexander Johnson
David E. Kopaceski
David Langager
Joey Marshall
Corey Martin
Joshua Mix
Bryant Morris
Fred Osborne
Scott Patterson
Rick L. Peddycord
Joseph L. Petty
William Ramsay
Joe Robertson
Richard Rufus
Charlie Sallee
Randy Shelton
Tracy L. Sheppard, Jr.
Casey Shipley
Todd Smeltzer
John S. Sorg
Reggie Spencer
Nick Swartz
Zach Thompson
Chuma Udongo
Jason Verstrate
Michael Waldo
Terrance Walker
Richard Weeks
Amando L . Williams
Bradley Yeater
Jason Young

We are aware of the sacrifices you'll be making over the next year with practices, meetings, what-have-you. We are certain, however, that you will have the time of your life, and profit from, the opportunities for learning, and the association with the other team players, staff, and other members affiliated with the Stampede. Your participation will be a source of pride and it will only get better as time progresses.

We were excited to say the least at the turnout of the talent from Indiana and Michigan. We really do appreciate the time and commitment that all of you have made, including those who did not make the team. It wasn't the easiest task to try and determine who makes the team, but we had several talented candidates to choose from. For those of you who did not make the team, we can only encourage you to try out again next year and give you that time to prepare. Regardless of the decisions made, we hope those who did not make the cut will still "come on out" and help us cheer on the Stampede.

It's an exciting time for us now and we're looking forward to a great season. We finally can get started in the direction we've been aiming for, and get this team where it belongs.

If you have any questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email: or call (574) 289.8339.

Our next task is to sit down with the Federal Football League and complete our season schedule. Once the schedule has been finalized, it will be posted on the website:

Again, thank you for your commitment and we look forward to working together.

Go Stampede!

South Bend Stampede Staff
Paul DiGiacomo
Teena Sexton-Herr
John Sorg
Bryant Morris
Matthew Elliott

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